Our club philosophy is simple:  We want, and will train, independent-minded athletes to work within the construct of a team towards achieving whatever goals the collective group and individuals have set forth. 
The Cyclones’ staff shares a passion for the sport, and are guided by the following principles.
 - Player improvement -
- Long term development taking priority over short-term gains -
- Provide an environment that will help players enjoy the game of volleyball -
Practices at Cyclones are based on backward-design, stressing the development of technique through quality repetition.  We emphasize reading the game through random training, occasionally using block-training to reinforce technical development.  Furthermore, all teams have two practices per week and an additional position training session.  
Lastly, everyone associated with Cyclones understands that volleyball does not come before family, faith, and academics. It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many players and parents lose sight of the big picture. Staff members are selected based on understanding that code, and it is not something that will be lost in our journey.
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cyclones bowl

cyclones bowl, commonly referred to as "The EAST/west bowl" is an intra-club competition that takes place in pre-season.
run in a true tournament-style format, cyclones bowl encourages friendly competition between the locations and players, while engaging our families and supporters in cyclones' culture.
Cyclones is proudly hosting its second-annual cyclones bowl in 2021!

Green heart award

"It is only our dedication towards our passion that distinguishes a champion from the crowd."

- Abhijit Nasker

The green heart award recognizes six years of dedication to the cyclones culture. pursuing six full-seasons of play at cyclones starting at 13U finishing at 18U
cyclones is proud to present the 2020 class of green heart award earners below!
Cyclones volleyball

Mr. Apostolis "Tolis" Koskinaris

13400 South Route 59
Suite 116 Box 180
Plainfield, IL 60585

Owner/Program Director
Direct Line # 630-730-1464
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