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Sand training

In congruence with our indoor training philosophy, Cyclones sand Program is formulated using a random training method. Players partake in varying drills and live-play in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 formats. Exposing them to a more dynamic form of play. The alternate style of play, required for sand formats, often is credited with creating more well-rounded volleyball players.
sand training often offers significant transferable benefits for indoor players, such as:

Increased Stamina
Improved Vertical Reach
Improved Explosion
Enhanced Agility

Master Summer Camp Schedule

We had a record 78 participants between both locations IN 2021. thank you!

which location are you interested in?? 


Yorkville Pinz.jpg


Yorkville, IL

Aurora Sand Training takes place at PinHeadz in Yorkville and is headed by Coach Grant Marlowe. 


4 Lakes.jpg

The Pub

Carol Stream, IL

EAST Sand Training takes place at The Pub in Carol Stream and is headed by Coach Kathe Paulius and Grant Marlowe.

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